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STMX Token

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What is Global Radar (GJLD)?

GJLD is a consortium chain system developed at the bottom of the RTXP open-source decentralized protocol. It is jointly created by the DX2 Exchange’s innovative digital intelligence trading platform. It retains the basic functions of the traditional trading platform (Coin Trading, OTC Trading, Trade Mining, C2C Trading, etc.)
At the same time, with the strong technical strength of the two founders, they successfully broke the three boundaries of the traditional digital asset trading platform, aiming to create a global borderless payment system for GJLD users around the world, linking the innovative digital experience of global payment; on the other hand, DX2 has The strong ecology, traffic, resources, and technical strength also endow GJLD with endless imagination of application landing.

Our Goal & Vision

To build a reliable blockchain financial service platform
Use technology to promote social development and make value interconnection bloom in the financial field

Token Release Stages

GJLD is produced by an open-source algorithm based on the “RTXP” protocol, with a total of 500 million pieces. GJLD has five release stages in total

1st Issue Stage
2020.5 - 2020.10

5,000,000 Tokens Release

Monthly Release of 10% of Remainder

Up to 8,900,000 GJLD

(6 Months Duration)

2nd Stage
2020.11 - 2021.10

Up To 14,000,000 Tokens

Monthly Release of 8% of Remainder

(12 Months Duration)

3rd Stage
2021.12 - 2023.11

Up To 50,000,000 Tokens

Monthly Release of 5% of Remainder

(24 Months Duration)

4th Stage
2023.12 - 2026.11

Up To 150,000,000 Tokens

Monthly Release of 3% of Remainder

(36 Months Duration)

Last Stage
2026.12 - Onwards

Up To End of Distribution

Monthly Release of 2% of Remainder

(Till End of Distribution)

Token Structure

Issuing Price of 1 token : 0.15USDT
Total Circulation: 500,000,000
Issuance Method: Currency Holding Income and Promotion Income
Calculation Method: Part of the trading platform can be transferred to the mining pool to participate in dividends, the two parts are not locked, and can be exchanged and traded at any time
Secured ways to purchase tokens: USDT
1st Issue Stage
2nd Issue Stage
3rd Issuance Stage
4th Issue Stage
Last Stage


September 2020
GJLD future tokens enters the market for issuance, import DX2 Exchange traffic
October 2020
GJLD token can be used for payment in some scenarios
June 2021
GJLD Mainnet Global Public (BETA)
September 2021
GJLD Ecology is Implemented Globally
September 2020
Continue to carry out Community Consensus Building
January 2021
GJLD's Public Chain Development
August 2021
GJLD Mainnet Official Launch

Digital is the Way

As circulation generates value, our GJLD combined with DX2 Exchange’s strong traffic base, would increase its liquidity and expand consensus basis.

With the efforts of our operations team, partnership contracts has been made with various hotels and gaming platforms in South East Asia, thus GJLD can be used for payment in hotels and entertainment venues in Phnom Penh in the future.

GJLD will be linked to online mall platforms for payment and used in future daily scenarios.

High Performance

Building Customization

Strong Security &  Privacy Protection

Effective Data Governance

Multi-chain Collaboration


Cross-Cloud Networking

We are in the Media